Madonna Ononobi

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Madonna Ononobi

Madonna Nnenne Ononobi is a mastermind behind her successful addition in the nonfiction realm of literary art in the form of “This Time I Choose Me”. As a successful entrepreneur, now she is on the verge of addressing one of the snubbed areas, the self-love through her book. She is addressing the power of self-love because she has experienced undeniable hardships. Madonna is someone who learned some gracious lessons from her own journey as an eldest daughter grown up in a vibrant household. Her mother remained Madonna’s biggest inspirations in combating the challenges in both her personal and professional navigations.

Madonna’s academic career is a milestone for her, as she has a resolute quest for knowledge while chasing her dreams to become an entrepreneur. For this, she embarked with academic excellence towards her Bachelor degree in Economics and Masters in Public and International Affairs. By culminating in academics, Madonna entered in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship. Like other entrepreneurs, Madonna also faced barriers in her journey to become a successful entrepreneur, but she came out as a guiding light for many aspiring females around the world, in the business market.

Madonna, in her personal life, is now a prosperous wife and mother of two wonderful children. But her journey gives lessons on how to balance a dynamic professional life with family commitments. During her time of break from her external affairs, Madonna found time for herself by discovering enjoyable activities such as cooking, nourishing herself, penning down her thoughts in books, and finding out the right ways to prioritize oneself.

In “This Time I Choose Me”, Madonna reflects her personal journey, or you would say a specific time, when she met with life barriers and contests. Those life hardships modified her lens through which she used to see the world. Madonna’s journey is full of achievements and unyielding commitments, both on personal and professional levels.