Madonna Ononobi

about the book

This Time I Choose Me

Are you a seeker, or a dreamer, or a wanderer of soul? Then, “This Time I Choose Me” will change your perspectives on life. It’s a heart-warming tale, or a memoir, or an autobiography, that allows you to mindfully perceive the realities of life and graceful ways to deal with them.

It is a beauty in Madonna’s way of writing that how she unfolds each and every detail about herself in a very courageous and graceful manner. Though this book is a guide for all, but it is mainly for those who have a courage to peel back the layers of societal expectations and values, because life is about to explore your inner beauty and resilience, as per Madonna’s point-of-view. This book escorts to the life-lessons on self-doubts to those who are living for others only, and not for them.

“This Time I Choose Me” gives a new lens through which you can see the importance of self-love and self-care. It allows you to come along in the journey of self-discovery while embracing your true essence with your firm stance on courage and grace.

Demonstrating the power of self-love, Madonna Ononobi incorporates a conception which is often misconstrued by many that self-love is about self-centredness. However, this book clarifies this misconception and invites you to be more approachable towards the strength to heal, grow, and thrive.

In amidst of life struggles and responsibilities, we often ignore our self-growth and awareness about our individual needs and preferences. Therefore, with “This Time I Choose Me”, Madonna takes this accountability to change this misconception about selfishness as the synonym for self-love, while allowing us to understand that we need nurture the most important relationship of our life, which is the one with ourselves.

Madonna has a profound exploration on the life hurdles and the complexities that can shatter one’s beliefs on themselves. This is the reason, she is giving a solace advice in her latest book “This Time I Choose Me” to give time to ourselves without even considering the viewpoints of others, because everyone has a different path towards self-discovery and self-empowerment.