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“This Time I Choose Me” is more than just a book; It’s a testament to the power of self-love and the courage it takes to step out of our comfort zones and embrace our well-being. By the time you reach the end, I hope that you will not only recognize the growth you’ve achieved, no matter how small, but also embrace a newfound sense of gratitude for yourself. So let this be your mantra, “This Time I Choose Me.” With each page turned, may you be reminded of your worth, your strength, and your capacity for self-love. For in choosing yourself, you are choosing a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and boundless potential.


Do you even think about your mental and physical wellness amidst all the responsibilities and anticipations? This is something we ignore at first, related to our own personality. Self-love is crucial in everyone’s life as it is a key component to build self-compassion. Self-love is all about accepting your imperfections, or to assent yourself unwaveringly. Towards having a balanced and fulfilling life, self-love allows you to be strong through all thick and thin of life.

Through “This Time I Choose Me”, Madonna Nnenna Ononobi chooses to pay homage to the ones who are dealing with life challenges without even knowing the significance of self-care. She gracefully refers to the path of self-help and the power of self-love. This book about self-love takes you to the path where you can uncover the illimitable potential that belongs to everyone. 

As you navigate through the pages of one of the most embarking journeys presented by Madonna, you may acknowledge the importance of self-love. Finding a purpose in life with passion and self-love while honoring the vulnerability of shared humanity are some highlighted aspects in this reading.

“This Time I Choose Me” – A Reflection on the Journey of Self-Love

Are you willing to bask into the raw beauty of your authenticity? Then, this representation on self-love is for you to celebrate the perception of self-care. Madonna Nnenna Ononobi reflects you her personal development as a person in this autobiography book – showcasing that how she finds solace and joy in diverse activities with the intention to immerse herself in the self-help regime.
Madonna takes you on a voyage of a specific time in her life when she had toughest challenges to be faced – for which you can say this, a memoire book, imitating the discovery of Madonna as a person towards self-love especially after getting married.
She gives lessons on how to prioritize yourself amidst all the chaos, while keeping a very important aspect about life in mind that we all have this single opportunity to live this blessing as per our wish. It is in our hands either to make the most of it or to shatter all our dreams and aspirations.

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about the author

Madonna Ononobi

Madonna Nnenna Ononobi has been a devoted daughter to her late mother, who was her inspiration. Madonna, in her personal life, took inspiration from her mother who did not only instill the values of resilience, compassion, and perseverance, in Madonna but also guided her throughout the myriad challenges of life until the death of her mother. On the professional grounds, Madonna also proves to be a trailblazer while serving as a sole female executive in three successful startups. She inspires young women to have ambitions while devouring a persistence belief to get the success, mainly in the corporate world.

about the book

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Advocating the rights of a person about self-love and self-care, Madonna Ononobi is succeeding towards an initiative to unfold the gracious and compassionate ways on dealing with life challenges accompanied by prioritizing oneself – through “This Time I Choose Me”. This book makes you concede that self-love is not about selfishness – but it’s basically the origination of all other constructive elements in your life such as love, empowerment, courage, and personal strength. Each page of the book reminds you of your individual potential and this certainly is a newfound sense of self-love. It is necessary for the seekers of self-love to acquire their worth, their capacity in different means of life, and their strength in dealing the hardships. Therefore, Madonna comes up by embracing this newfound sense of gratitude for yourself – while reflecting upon her personal and professional lives.

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Honoring the Phenomenon of Self-Help, Self-Love, and Self-Care

A person, who is directed towards any sort of improvement for oneself, honors the phenomenon of self-help, self-love, and self-care. “This Time I Choose Me” by Madonna Ononobi consents us to celebrate our journey of self-love, and self-care, by helping ourselves with layers of conditioning our perceptions. So, dreamers, seekers, and the wanderers! Are you prepared for an unwavering courage and grace? Then have this amazingly written autobiography, or you can say a memoir, by Mandonna.
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